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UPI Solution

A Novel Technology:


Scanning Probe Miscropy is a key technology for the characterization of the nature of the surface of a sample. Until now, it has been generally accepted that one needs one instruments for one measurement. Surface science and technology are in  great need of one instrument that can performe the characterization of all kind of near field interactions. (encore plus à une même position)


Our patented technology revolutionizes standard Scanning probe microscopy by uncoupling the interaction sensor and the probe intself. Thanks to our solutions it is now easy to change the nature of the tip and the interaction  that it can detects, our instruments offer the possibility to fully characterize the surface properties of your sample by using a universal, versatile and simple to use instrument. With an UPI instrument, it is now possible to measure multiple type of interactions in a broad range of environement.

Présentation des différentes applications. Mise en avant des différentes images tirées de notre microscope.

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